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BESTQUOTE is a network of independent insurance brokers geographically spread around the country controlling in excess of 200,000 policies. All members are regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority and are members of the Irish Brokers Association.


Tips To Help You Keep Your Car Running

With proper care and feeding, virtually any car can be kept running as long as the owner wants to keep it.

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Driving Tips For Fuel Economy

Driving at a high speed uses more fuel and causes pollution, slow down and take it easy.

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Buying and Insuring a Used Car

Always ask to see relevant documentation. This should include service history, vehicle registration and vehicle licensing certificates. If the car is pre-1993, ask for the log book.

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Keep Your Car Smelling Sweet

The first step in cleaning your car is to wash it. Give it a good rinsing from top to bottom, including the wheels.

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