Low No Claims Bonus Car Insurance

If you have a low or zero No Claims Bonus, a car insurance policy from XS Direct, an Irish Car Insurance Company might suit you.


This car insurance product does away with the no-claims bonus system; instead drivers get cheaper car insurance quotes in exchange, effectively, for less liability from the car insurance company.


Whereas in the case of a claim to most car insurance companies the insurer will pay out the whole of the value of a claim, XS Direct's product comes with an insurance excess which means that you pay for the first “X” thousand euro in damage in the event of a claim and they pick up the rest of the tab.


For example, for male drivers that excess is €4,000 and for females the figure halves. So, in the event of a male driver making a claiming of €5,000, XS Direct will only be liable for €1,000 payout. Hence the low premiums from XS Direct.


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