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Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh & Sweet

The first step in cleaning your car is to wash it. Give it a good rinsing from top to bottom, including the wheels.
Always clean the tyres and wheels before washing the body.

The following is a list of internal problems that could cause your car to smell:

  • Don't Smoke – The smell of smoke in your car is usually the hardest odour to get rid of no matter what washing or smellies you add to the car. The best advise is not to smoke at all. In fact car dealers in Ireland have been quoted to say that they cannot remove the smell and as such the car maybe harder to sell.
  • Oil Leakage – The smell of oil in your car is usually caused by an engine leak that spills into the exhaust and begins to burn. In order to prevent this you must maintain and change your oil regularly if the smell continues you must bring your car for a service.
  • Exhaust Fumes - Make sure your vehicle’s exhaust system has no leaks. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can accumulate quickly in closed vehicles. Once you smell the exhaust fumes make sure to bring your car to a mechanic immediately to be serviced.
  • Plastic – This is common and is very easy to locate and fix. A plastic bag might become stuck to the exhaust. If you smell plastic and this is not the cause, check each of the wheels. Faulty brakes or a parking brake left on can cause the brake pads or linings to burn. The most serious plastic smell is caused by electrical shorts, such as the plastic covering over electrical wires overheating. To prevent further damage to the electrical system, dis- connect the battery until you can locate the exact cause.

Many of us wash and wax our cars regularly to keep it looking great. But we ignore the interiors. However, when cleaning the interiors, use very little water as too much of it will leave a musty smell. A good idea would be to use a soaked sponge and keep squeezing out the excess water.

Car interior cleaning is often neglected or we don't know how to clean car interiors. This often leads to stains and bad smells.

Bonus Tips to maintain the interior of your car:

  • Take time to clean the cars carpets, car seat and car roof lining at least once in six months.
  • Remove the car floor mats. Hoover the car seats, and the carpet. Using the proper attachment, reach under the car seats, around the car pedals and don't forget the area between the front car seats.
  • Car Steamers can also be purchased for more stubborn dirt from upholstery and trimming but would only be required for more serious stains. The investment of time and money with a car steamer is well worth the results and for a clean fresh car it can not be beaten.
  • Clean windows using lint free or micro-fiber towels or cloths if at all possible, Some also recommend using crumpled newspaper and a 50/50 distilled white vinegar and water solution in a clean spray bottle.

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