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Driving Tips For Fuel Economy

Save on diesel and Petrol

Driving at a high speed uses more fuel and causes pollution,
slow down and take it easy.

  1. Avoid excess weight - Unnecessary weight in your car can save you money on fuel.
  2. Take off roof or bike racks if it isn’t needed and save 20%-40%.
  3. Keep the boot of your car empty and save a further 4-5% the heavier the car means a higher fuel bill.
  4. Use the right gear - Avoid over ravving the engine or accelerating and braking too hard and try sticking with the appropriate gear.
  5. Avoid high speeds the faster you drive the more wind resistance you will encounter and the more fuel your car will consume to maintain speed.
  6. Racing the engine too low, or to high will burn more fuel.
  7. Driving just five mph over the speed limit can effect your fuel by 23 per cent
  8. Service your car - Service your car regularly, and change the oil a serviced car will have good wheel alignment and well adjusted brakes which will reduce your fuel consumption. A well tuned engine can improve fuel economy by four per cent.
  9. Inflated Tyres - Check your tyres on a regular basis to insure they are properly inflated. Under inflated tyres can add to your fuel bill.
  10. Easy Driving - When starting your car drive off gently, stick to the speed limit and drive smoothly, aggressive driving can use up to a third more in fuel.
  11. Air Conditioning – Air-conditioning uses additional fuel when operating, try to limit use for hot weather. Try to use the fan instead.
  12. Use your handbrake – When stopping your car on a slope instead of disengaging the clutch or using the accelerator to keep your car from rolling, use your handbrake this will save fuel.

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